Spring Digital Media

Spring Digital Media was officially launched in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, in January 2013.

Under development are several B2B publications covering subjects as diverse as  micro business and entrepreneurship all the way to titles focused on global business and resource markets.  Even more is planned as the company grows.

The company founder and publisher is Ian Ross.  Spring Digital Media also benefits from the talents of writers, designers and other contributors on myriad subjects from across Canada, the United States and abroad.

Similarly, we are eager to discover new talents that can be brought in to collaborate with on the highest quality publications and web content possible for our readers.  If you are interested in opportunities to work with Spring Digital Media, drop us a line at info@springdigitalmedia.com.

Ian Ross

Ian Ross, company founder and publisher, is an entrepreneur and media professional with over 15 years’ experience in both print and online publishing,  having worked with publications spanning community to national level, and focused on markets from consumer to business and industry. He has been a writer and editor, as well as having managed sales teams in both the Maritimes and Toronto, Canada.