HobbyFirm Magazine, Issue 1

HobbyFirm Magazine was the first online property of Spring Digital Media to be launched.  Our premier issue looks at the faces behind Annalogy Design, a fashion company specializing in creations of plus-sized clothing and we also hear from the founder of Achieve Learning Centres in Vancouver, BC.  The craft world is also well represented with interviews with the owners of Pink Slip Inspiration, Wildridge Design and Frog Hollow Glass Studio.

Going forward, this bimonthly will look at the people who have embarked various business ventures that fall under the term of micro enterprise – being under five employees and not necessarily full time pursuits.  The magazine will look at cottage industries, home-based businesses, second incomes and retirement businesses among other subjects.  The magazine seeks to promote the experience of such entrepreneurs in its articles and often in their own words, with the goal of providing idea starters and encouragement  for other potential new businesspeople.

It works in conjunction with its sister site, MicroExec.com, to provide resources and tips for the microbusiness consumer.

If you operate a business that you feel would make be of interest to our readers – or know someone who does – we welcome you to contact the editor, at  editor@HobbyFirm.com and look forward to seeing you in an upcoming issue.

You can read the magazine at www.HobbyFirm.com.