Resources Quarterly, Fall 2014

Weston LakeJoin us for the Fall 2014 Issue of Resources Quarterly! This month we bring you a special focus on the energy and natural resources of the State of New Mexico. Featured are two of the state’s prominent players in the mining sector — St. Cloud Mining, the largest producer of zeolites in the U.S.; and THEMAC Resources Group who are in the planning stages of reopening the Copper Flat Mine. We also feature Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department Secretary F. David Martin.

Rounding out the issue, we profile Laurion Mineral Exploration in Ontario, Canada; Saskatchewan’s MiEnergy, provider of residential solar, geothermal and alternative energy solutions; and Pacific Energy Development, based in California and drilling and exploring new oil lands in Colorado.

We also mark a pair of important and related anniversaries. This year is the 50th anniversary of the signing of the U.S. Wilderness Act, while coming up, the Wilderness Society prepares to celebrate 80 years of protecting the American wildlands.

We invite you to view the magazine at or directly by clicking here. If you wish to purchase a print copy, you can do so via our collections on MagCloud.

Thank you for joining us this autumn.