Publishing Projects and Content Services

Spring Digital Media welcomes inquiries from interested parties who are seeking partners for private label publishing, newsletters or materials across print and digital platforms.  We are also seeking to expand our content and consulting services to those companies, agencies and individuals who would like to work with our experienced team of publishing and writing professionals.

As such, this specialty work has become the key focus of our company at this time. Regretfully and relatedly, we have suspended several key in-house publications, including Resources Quarterly which, although well-received, is positioned within an industry that is experiencing a long term slow down. While we made a conscious decision to work through soft expectations in the mining and mineral exploration markets, this spring’s unforeseen downturn in oil prices and its trickle down effects have further compounded the difficulties of securing a robust advertising base of companies from the winnowed few still optimistic and actively marketing themselves to readers of magazines such as ours. Alongside similar publications, we are not alone in facing these challenges but for our own commercial ventures, we are taking this time to seek other opportunities and employ our labour in exploring new fields.

We are open to working with partners on other business-to-business media ventures. We are also happy to discuss your content needs for the web and other undertakings. Furthermore, we have taken a second look at grown consumer markets and hope to pioneer new products in exciting and novel sectors in the near future.

Thank you for your continued interest in Spring Digital Media. Stay tuned.

Ian Ross, Owner and Publisher