Social Responsibility Statement

Our company seeks to better our greater community by maintaining a commitment to fostering social responsibility in ourselves, our work and our global relationships.  This policy is expected to be ever-evolving as we seek to enhance what benefits we can engender, either through our own increased capacities or by expanding the limits of our own ingenuity applied to these ends.

We acknowledge that we maintain favourable outlooks, not limited to expression in subject, content and editorial focus, toward those who exhibit similar positive aspirations.  These include:

Those engaged in advancing their business and industries through innovation or commitment to greater efficiency and practice.

Those whose business and industry impact have a positive effect on the economic and social wellbeing of their community.

Those who can successfully balance the pursuit of profit with preserving longterm sustainability for their industry as well as the needs of their community and consideration of the common good for us all.

Furthermore, we pledge to act with integrity, transparency and consistency in relations with our readers, customers, suppliers and partners — while requesting they reciprocate the same.

– May 14th, 2013